First DWIT Alumni Meetup

April 26, 2019

Event Photo

The first alumni meetup of  Deerwalk Institute of Technology (DWIT) was held on 26th April 2019. The event was organized by the fresh graduates of 2018 and held in 109 Degrees. A total of 28 alumnis made it to the event.

Being the first meetup, everyone had a great time catching up with one another. As the evening went on speeches were delivered. Rudra Pandey, Eecutive Chairperson of DWIT gave a speech on the importance of alumni. His speech was followe by the speech from Anil Shrestha of Batch 2015, President of the first Alumni Committee of DWIT.

After few speeches, the alumnis collectively voted and elected the Alumni Committe President for the year 2019-2020. Bidish Acharya from Batch 2017 was elected as the president. The present Alumni Committee consist of 9 members from various batches.

After the election, the food, drinks and speeches went on. All in all it was a great event where everyone had a great time.